Are there going to be 🏅 for sale?

are there going to be medals for sale by chance… I just need 1550 more but 3 days left. @JB.Scopely

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One more level up to go with medals. Top 10 gives u 1850. Hard to but maybe doable.


This is scopely, ofc medals will be for sale lol


Don’t give them ideas. But just do good on last level up and you should be good.

Alright, I am done for this event…


Going have these left over plus what i get from this current solo.
Why couldn’t they of done other collections for medals or trainers for like 1k?
Just stupid imo. Hope this isn’t going to be the norm.

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i will get jeremiah as benedict if i got a chance if not then i dont really care it was a shitty event

I think it was a good event easily achievable by the FTP player I’ve been FTP for over 2 year now and I didn’t have crazy stockpiles of trainers.

I’m not even in a dead region had to score 12.5mil for one of my levelup wins and I’m 500 away from getting Yvette as well as Eric both toons I badly wanted (esp having used 2 Eric’s for ascension)


never forgetti this mans spaghetti

You scored 12 mill and didnt have a stockpile of trainers :thinking: cool srtory bro


What game have you been playing? :wink:

Of course, there will be medals for sale. This is scipley were talking about here. :moneybag:

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what easy region are you in i want to go there if your f2p and without a stockpile of trainers and manage that

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My training camps all have 5000-15000 2* recruits in which is how I scored so much and most point’s scored on 5s not 6s to save gear requirements.
I used some trainers in last 5mins for but only 30 or so from last few events

We in Brantley come check it out if u like!

Shake my head

Hello? @JB.Scopely are we getting this? There’s only half a day left

Well done. Managed some top 10 finishes did you? Good work.

I tried, but with literally every single level up ending at 6am local time, I frequently would go to bed top 10 or top 50 and wake up to find myself out of the proper medals.


Won one, came third twice and rest came from top 50 standings.

I’m in UK so had to wake up 3 hours before work to push in the last hour for those top 3 finishes!

As u can see from prestige I’m not a big spender and both done now yay!

Guess there won’t be any for sale. Only need 500 more ugh

ya… still waiting for some bags or crates with necklaces for sale. only nine hours left. is scopley gonna pull a scopley or not?

Ask to spend money and scopely will deliver