Are there any truly "unbeatable" teams?

If so, I’d have to imagine it has some kind of combination of Erika, Blue Michone, and maybe Mirabelle, combined with some stun and impair weapons.

Anyone come across any teams that they consider to be unbeatable?

No …15 characteristics

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At this point almost 3 yrs deep… As a f2p player. I say no, vs the top players across 7 other regions, there still wasnt a team i couldn’t best.


Off the top of my head, how bout dante lead with koa magna erika and shiva/ siddiq? I faced a similar team in the last crw and it was fruuuustrating :disappointed_relieved:

Nope. Some tough teams out there but even a far weaker team can win with some favorable weapon rng.

Yeah, Dante with Koa is a tough combo, especially if Koa has some extra Def and hp weapons.

Active skills

Yes there is an unbeatable team it consists of MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Google Play Card and App Store Card.

There’s also an infamous variation of this team, but many people are running it: Hack, Exploit, Morfeo, VK purchases and Refunds.

Those are two solid teams. Don’t recall many people beating them. Even Scopely can’t defeat the second one… lol


Unbeatable ? No , great synergy yup, borderline cheap as hell, yah damn right lol, it’s the lay of the land. Now stand still while I sweep you a million times in the corner

Koa, Magna, Bluechonne and Siddiq under Dante is all kinds of awful lol

Well this team was not hard to beat at all :grinning:image


Some luck and all teams are beatable, even with crap attack teams :slight_smile:


Rick lead eats that team alive Focus

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I recently ascended Rick for this sole purpose. I’ll beat em next time, I swear.

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I recently pulled Rick off of the bench and ascended him for the exact same reason :stuck_out_tongue:


i run a dante, koa -ap, magna impair, ty imapir and erika stun. id swap in mich if i had her.

There is a lot of unbeatable teams for me …

Any Erika magna michonne teams
And Dante koa carl teams

Mind you I have Carl command Glenn evasion negan guardian Zeke and shiva all with stun and ab d weapons

As a f2p player tho I just can’t beat these teams

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Nope, however I´ve failed more than once on some clearly beatable teams due to the RNG from hell (worst rolls for me and best rolls defender, dat luck!)

Edit: I actually built a rainbow ATK team with all the best qualities;

  • Stun recovery
  • Impair recovery
  • Stun AS
  • Confuse AS
  • Guardian II
  • Neutralize
  • Command
  • 1xStun claws
  • 2xStun defence

Turns out its not enough to have this versatile setup, and I went back to my melee team with an Epic toon (5*) as leader. Strategy really means shit unless you have the toons and weapons (MONEY) to back it up, any team in twd is beatable just like paper beats rock and rock beats scissors…

If you are not lacking special trait weapons and various 6* of different traits every team is beatable with a bit of luck. However they can still outcoin you if something goes wrong.

P.S. Towers

No team is unbeatable, but some teams require very specific counters. If I wanted to play 5 Erikas with stun guns, for example, you could pretty much bet that the only things that could take them down are disarm michonne or tyreese, unless you’ve got some serious skill and tactical prowess.