Are there any leaks on next velvet collections and fac raids rewards?

Any ideas in leaks yet?

velvet collections are arrav and red tye, no raids leaks yet tho

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Thnx man

Thanks was wondering this myself.
Have we had a Hengyen collection yet?

No, we haven’t

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How do you know it’s Aarav ? Hengyen should be next surely ?

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vk leaks

I’m pleased it Aarav. This means I’ll have S class Aarav in a week :smiley:

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Great choice he,s goooooood

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And still the choice box stops at Guo :sob:


should of at least had wangfa in there now they are giving him out for rewards and the daily maps

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So they broke the pattern. Screwed if you collected Hengyen then. Especially if you saved gear during the gear shortage to spend on levelling Hengyen to make sure he was ready for the collections.

Yeah i did 6* Hengyen for this reason. Maybe next week? :thinking:

That is exactly what I did :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Ha, I’ve been doing Hengyen, but think I can get a 6 star Aarav done

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Just keep henging yen there xD


:rofl: groan

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I am concerned though with aarav, because when the cakes are 250 to turn in that means its the s class version & I havent seen another pic of the 6* aarav with 500 cakes.

Crap :unamused:
They haven’t done that yet though its been both 6* and S class no?

It has, but vk has always shown both & so far they have not. Im in same boat with aarav.