Are there any casual wave 2 regions out there?

Title says it all. Looking for a region with casual players. The kind of region where like in the last territory event (with the one stupid territory), whales aren’t total tools and helped by sharing the territory. Any help would be appreciated…

No…not one?

You dont know until after transfers how the region will look

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Very true… But if anyone happens to have been in a region that has a whale faction that aren’t total a##hats, please, dm me. I’d rather take the gamble on a region where there’s a chance rather than the one I’m certain has no concept of actually being decent. And yes, I know, it’s a competitive game and blah blah blah, git good, whatever… I just feel like some top factions understand that a game is more fun when you’re not just steamrolling the competition and that sharing out things like special territories (especially when they don’t need the items themselves) would make for stronger teams all around, which in turn would make the hundreds/thousands they’ve spent actually worth spending the money on. I was in a #1 faction that had already finished the territory and open bags milestones everyone was trying to accomplish a few months ago. We didn’t need anyone to come in and help. We could have closed it. But we let everyone and their mother in, allowing them to get coins that they could do pulls with to get toons they could use against us. If you’re confident you’re the best, what’s to be worried about?

How do we know you are not in a whale Faction and want to take over a Wave 2 region.

You could be using Jedi Mind Tricks.

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Although yes, I get what you’re saying, but it only makes sense if I were asking for a no whale region. I didn’t ask for that. Every region has it’s whales. I’m asking for a whale faction that’s supportive of the rest of it’s region. Currently I’m in a #2 faction but don’t like my region and am going out solo, so it’s not really the placement I’m looking for, otherwise I’d stay. And if anyone is worried about an influx of whales that will take over by reading this, feel free to dm me.

We are and we have places available after we lost a couple of players who didn’t have a key when we transferred from wave 3.

Why do you assume top factions don’t need collection items?

My region is casual but I’m in wave 3. It has a cool leader in the top faction lol

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Why are you replying to me? I didn’t say anything about collection items.

On wave 3 you can find these type of faction, on wave 2 I think its more difficult because it takes more effort due to mins or development…

Im on wave 3 region and Im very happy atm with my region, great faction support and there are some wahle sthat helps all the factions

You must be in my region. Number 1 faction are all azzhats. And yet they still can’t get 1st in crw. If that tells you anything.

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