Are The War Compensation “Rewards” Good Enough

  • Yeah,It’s Good Enough
  • No,We Deserve More

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I don’t think it was enough but think about it scopely generally wouldn’t give anything let alone hold a poll so we could decide so things are getting better now


Never mind war compensation what about the people that can’t even get on the game

Those of us that can’t even log in lose league standing, league points, and war tokens.

Our factions who are severely affected lose war tokens and Pathways progress.


They’re good enough for people who no longer are having trouble getting into game… but for those of us who still cannot get the game to load our accounts, I’d say probably not…

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I said it in another thread. If they had stopped war an hour in and then restarted once everything was fixed and extended the timer to accommodate then the compensation we got would have been fair for a couple of hours of pain. But for keeping war active and even furthering the gap and on top of it people still can’t war…this compensation is severely lacking


They should of stopped it as soon as they knew people were locked out of the game to kinda shitty being in diamond 4 not being able to acess my game and keeping my league standing probably will miss out on piper to lost of problems and I think it’s ridiculous that nobody has come out and said we can see issues we’re working on it … just left here not knowing anything at all just shows complete incompetence on there end


Firstly we couldn’t war and now some of my faction mates are now locked out, meaning no participation for nearly 24hrs in war. 4 war cans and bronze/silver mods are a slap in the face. We deserve a pull on the war wheel at the absolute minimum.

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The compensation for the people still locked completely out of the game is worthless. I will have heavy losses due to not being able to play and Im far from the only one with the same issue. This is like pissing on your players to have almost no communication or answers.

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To be honest I don’t think a war can is good enough compensation for being locked out I think we need a lot more as not being able to acess the game is making us loose out on more things

They really need to give all affected war tokens. My faction couldn’t war for 6 hours. We haven’t even made top 80 to get any war tokens. This is ridiculous. We may not be a top faction but damn look out for your players.

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