Are the raids broken?


Are the raids broken ? Im getting the same 10 ppl over and over and over that i cant beat. Is something up


there were problems like this in beta too, grades don`t show the power of a team correctly and you can get mislead and lose


Same here.


The grades are broken which might/probably means the raids are broken. When Scopely updated the team grades they failed to change the grades you see on your opponents in raids, war and even when you view them in league… Is there somewhere better than here we can go to report this???


I used to auto most bot teams now they are filled with Human shields and tons of revive toons. Could be because of transfers or could be revenge from Scopely because they know a lot of us drop def during raids for easy wins and they put in super bots to mess with us while we try to get that map.

It’s probably just the regions getting harder from transfers.


Same here.
This is making getting Andrea impossible


It is a war weekend, everyone’s best defenses are up, the bots are copies of that. Maybe goes back to normal tomorrow.


Bots are legit teams. They prob just have their war defenses up and take them down so you don’t get to practice on them during the week.


I don’t get why people are surprised that raids are harder during war weekend lol. I have a special defense that i only use during war so im sure there is a bot floating around with a copy right now.


Its not the point the teams are strong its more the only getting the same players ever time iv went though over million food trying to get diffent player but only get the same ones almost every time


After you quit its impossible to get any toon isnt it? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


I noticed this as soon as I downloaded the update and long before War started. I raid to get wood to upgrade Mods for the most part. Sure I’d get tough teams that I could skip, but frequently enough some easier ones came along. Now I’m getting players from our #1 faction one after another, and I’m burning through food at an alarming rate. Something has changed, and not for the better.


Same. Seeing maybe a dozen to fifteen teams over and over


They broke raiding with the league update. No real players nothing but bots. Very hard bots with 18k wood. Raiding was a huge source of wood for me would get 100k from each raid. How are we supposed to get scraps now?

Fix your broken game. Bots need to carry 100k in wood or lower the cost of conversion of scraps ASAP.


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