Are the next level up rewards the new worst rewards yet?

  • Yes
  • No

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Of course they will.


Like dang rewards seem to suck more and more :frowning: they should move the ascend medals to milestones and add 5* tokens or elite/prestige tokens as prizes …


worst, but don’t you worry, next will be more worst… and next after those…


Christmas day special solo level up will be a 4 million milestone for x 3 replenish


Son of a beezy here I just put tier 2 ty and shiva out on scavenger but these returns aren’t really worth claiming until probably 2 days later when the next level up drops lol.


@Mrmonopoly after the solo level is survival road I believe…


I Just dont know how they expect us to get excited and compete for that trash. The ops team is completely and utterly clueless. I’m shocked if any of them actually play the game. Total :poop:


I need 5* token for ascend food :joy::joy:


Pshhh I like me some legendary medals.