Are the league chats necessary?


Can we have an optional to turn it off or get rid of it?


Just don’t use it.


Keeps going to the screen for some reason when I open chat.


I would like to disable every chat except faction


I agree. Ditch it, or let us disable it. Mine defaults to it. So annoying.


Yes, this way top players can communicate and build super-factions


It is annoying! Especially when it defaults to one of them & you’re in battle & dont have time to switch through. @JB.Scopely when you clock in on monday please go to devs & tell them we need a disable option


I really don’t want to have another way to read annoying messages, gc is enough


Just a bunch of toxic kids in the chat. Useless feature.


I’m not going to use it and I don’t see the purpose of it. But, I can just ignore it then. HOWEVER, the chats are between the war log and faction chat. THAT. Is annoying.


Most necessary


I hate these, every time someone posts in faction chat and you click the chat icon you have to scroll past all these useless chats to get there when it should go straight there


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