Are the flagging wars over ? Is it safe?


My suspension is over just want to know so I don’t get flagged to death


Bravo suspended already thats must be a record


Yeah I achieved that by just saying what’s on my mind don’t think they took kindly to that.


We created a new forum that is easier to use !!! (And easier for us to ban your asses)


Lol on the old forum they just banned me for asking for a gear map least this time they gave me a second chance I guess


Sigh… I don’t want to quit this game but this shit is getting so old


It’s difficult to let go I’ve wasted so much of my life here it’s depressing every time I think about it.


Yeah that’s why I’m still her but I’ve gotten really lazy except for war but these last couple have sucked


The game not what it used to be but nothing we can do they don’t care never did never will


You really have to watch what is said. I have got a warning myself.


Lol that guy still trolling or trying to be cool ?


Banned at the minute I think. Or done us all a favour and smashed his computer to a million pieces.


Well good for him he post dumb stuff everywhere and try to jack threads but some the stuff I got flagged for was dumb but least they just suspended me instead of just banning me straight up like the old forums


I don’t like this whole flagging thing all it takes is some jackass who can’t compete in a logical debate to push a flag on all your shit to get you banned


Some people sooooo sensitive and never step outside they crib like welcome to life it’s not all sunshine and rainbows 24/7 unless you smoke kush with a malt 40 like seriously this whole flag thing is stupid af there are guys that just flag everything just because they should get banned


It takes more than that to get banned. It takes a breach of the forums ToS.


Really? I’m sure I’ve had posts hidden because they’ve been flagged multiple times


Damn straight this shit needs to get addressed you can flag anyone just for the hell of it nobody reads the TOS and then flags somebody they just flag away just cause they don’t like the person or to be anonymously annoying


Really. Having posts hidden is not something the moderators do as far as I know. Having your posts hidden is usually automatic if enough other forum-users flag it. It takes more than that to be banned from the forums. If you’d like clarification on what actions constitute a ban, it’d be better if you had a look at the ToS and lastly, contact the moderators in a PM. Also, just FYI, leaders are not moderators.

Edit: Abusing the flag function is frowned upon and there would be consequences.


People are just flagging others for the sake of it, if the don’t like their opinion, if they don’t like the person. People can literally get topics temporarily closed down just because they don’t like someone by flagging constantly