Are the daily login rewards scopley's way of keeping the dying player base around

Any thoughts on this?

If it is they need to step it up can give out false hopes of people getting better weapons or toons from the token wheels cause there is nothing but pure hot garbage in all the wheels for me to stay motivated.

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It’s how most games try to keep players logging in. But more realistically the Maggie and Rick type stashes will be what keeps players around. Watch them continue to stretch those events.

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Isn’t that the idea of daily login rewards in every game? Make the players return daily

I think most people play for the gamble of everything. Opening crates or using tokens in the hopes of something good. I think daily rewards would be more exciting if it was a crate where you had the chance at polishing kits, duct tape, refills and tokens. Make it fun!

I’d be cool with that but scopely would put the good stuff at odds like .01% and stack junk like grenades and basic tokens in there too with a 90% pull probability.

Honestly, I’ll stick around for the rewards. A couple of tokens for one or two pulls? That’s cool. It’s free and stacks with the other 5⭐ tokens they give us. I have 3 more toons to ascend and if they want to give me fodder for the free ascendable toon they gift us with, fine by me.

What would be the fun in false hopes? Just look at dropper green glen. I have had him when he first came out and I have NEVER had so much as 4* weapon parts drop. EVER and I use him everyday. His drop rate is such garbage and misleading that I’m just using him to post the actual % of a single 4* weapon part.

So far he is at 0% 4* parts .046% 3* parts 1.04% 2* parts and 98.5% 1* parts out of running him 30 times a day on roadmaps for what now 9 months if I’m correct on when he first came out? Someone let me know when he first came out.

So I can prove how rubbish of a gamble crate your idea would be.

I am beyond what 5* tokens and other rewards will do for me. I have over 200 5* toons so I have a ton of fodder. So, if there was a crate with 5* tokens, polishing kits, duct tape, spray paint, etc I would prefer that because although I’ll probably get 5* tokens at least I have the small chance for something better. I will always take the shot at crap to get that better reward. In this war I got 2 Benedicts out of the 6 red bags. I would rather have a bag with the chances of a Benedict than a guaranteed Basil any day of the week.