Are the comic book collections over?

Are the comic book collections over?

Watch how a 5* weapon will be the next collection.


Idk. As for non sc exclusive probably. Scopely only made another sc toon which was julie. And then she expired and scopely just ■■■■■■■ forgot all about another sc exclusive toon
Only 2 we have are andrea and julie. I guessed they just did comic book collections of non sc toons.

also had the yellow shield jesus, and the zacary in the museum’s collection of comics.

also for this nonsense of time with the box of Harrison and Diego in the comic book collection

Thats what I mean by non sc collections.
As a sc exclusive I guess scopely forgot about em.

We do need a new non sc collection

please answer this and make more sc museum collection @JB.Scopely

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Probably, yes.

But that won’t stop chumps putting money in the pockets of this terrible excuse for a game publisher each month.

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