Are SR characters like Dale and Roadie ever going to be released?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:, I have played the game since released, but I want to get involved with the community in the forums( Ik Im a bit late, but better late than never )! There is one question that Im sure has already been brought up here but I would like to know if characters in SR like dale and roadie will ever be released. Carson and Heath are two examples of characters that used to be unplayable, but were eventually released as playable characters. I am really wondering, if they are already in the game, why cant they be used as playable toons?


To answer your question im not sure if you will ever see certain characters released at all… But there have been a handful of 4*s that were nonexisitant that were then added to the World Map character pool and some hard to find 5 stars to wheel rotations.

Some characters may be extremely outdated or unusable at this point and would’nt be worth releasing at all… however a new use for them is to display them as profile characters.

They exist
And Morgan and Jessie got made sox stars. So keep a eye really

Thanks guys for your helpful feedback!

Yeah, that’s a huge problem in my opinion. Dale as an example was never really good, but he Looks AF and there are way more. My Favorit is this Green Tye:

Green tye does look pretty awesome, not gonna lie, also, I forgot about Axel ( the blue one ),have a maxed pic of him?

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