Are spenders accounts given better RNG odds

When I face obvious spenders, their guardians, absolute def, stun weapons work very well. Same for the mods. My weapons are similar and mods are behind because I DO NOT spend. Their RNGs just seem to perfect.

So does scopley code spenders accounts to make them better then they really are to give them incentives to keep playing and making purchases?


This is a very legitimate question… and could include draw rates, drop rates, and all RNG uses.

Just because odds are posted, they are overall averages not individual pull odds.

They’ve posted in the past that certain premium wheels have better chances of certain toons (again showing they tweek the odds on pulls) meaning higher 6* odds doesn’t mean that you have increased chance of getting the showcased toon

Edit: other nugget explained and removed


Lol. Is this serious?

I assure you many feel that they get worse as you spend more.

More opportunities = better stuff


I am not talking about better opportunities = better stuff. Talking about coding of a certain player base.

Like weapons. Mine and the opponent are the same. I go, zero stunned. They go half my team stunned. I go, zero guardian, they go guardian. And so on.

Generally, when a player attacks they focus fire. So when you have a lot triggering back to back you often don’t see it or recognize it.

The ai is random attack targets unless trait advantage exists. So this can cause several toons to get stunned. This is very easily recognizable as you c ant use them now and triggers frustration.

This is commonly referred to observational or confirmation bias. We don’t need conspiracy to explain this. The brain more strongly recognizes negative impacts than positive impacts. This generally keeps us from doing stupid shit repeatedly.

We all get our whole teams stunned from time to time. Laugh, punch the wall, do whatever you need to do and move on. Moving resists around will minimize the occurance rate but never eliminate it.

Generally I find when rng is good, it good for a short stretch. When it’s bad… It’s bad for a short stretch.


It’s just perception. People like to focus more on the negative rather than the positive outcome. I bet your not counting how many times you crit, just only counting when the other team crits. But yea, their mods prob are much higher than you.

It also seems like the defense gets an advantage when procing. And since we can’t see our defense at work, we really have no idea.


The old CM said everything is based on your account code. Some are luckier than others some aren’t. Mine happens to be unlucky. My Premiere Recruit’s wheel pulls are 4★’s. I’ve hardly ever gotten a 5★ from them. Everything in this game is RNG based.

When/who said this? It’s was not said by a CM. It’s been player driven conspiracy.

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I believe what they did was explain that true randomness can only be approximated by a computer, and most RNGs use a seed number which, to keep things varied, quite probably includes your account code


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This nugget is literally the fact there’s boxes with two toons. The fact no one will ever pull these boxes is a different thing entirely. The game being rigged was known since the day anyone could buy coins

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See… They blocked my post because they didnt want the truth to be out there… Never stop searching friend. Follow the clues

Lol definately not. I have friends that spend 1k for a toon. You might think they barely spend on their toons when you come up against them but trust me many have open up their wallets big time.

Or because you mentioned the f-word…

One of the devs said this, not sure who exactly but it was said when you start the game, your account code is made and everything is tied to it, your rng is based on your account code and this is when the conspiracy really took off as well that simply means its not true rng, this is in a ton of games just like the gambling loot crates, we gamers have allowed this to happen and we alone are to blame but as i have said other companies have been caught with weighted “rng” that favors some and others not, which is simply not what rng means/is but they get away with it as much as they get away with allowing children to gamble, was looking forward to the fcc and others cracking down on this loot crate gambling crap in games but ya know $ is god


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definitely a “NO” from me.
Some FTP players have more luck than me. They pull great toon on events, whereas I only pull the bad ones or dupes

Spending big pulls, spending lots of money (at least I used to spend a lot)…only to get the dickie in the ass (without lube).

I believe that defense mods and possibly weapons do work more that your offensive. I say possibly for the weapons. The mods I do believe are way odds for success. A 25% stun resist mods on defense definitely works more than 25% of the time

But I believe that’s a difference between off and def. Not ptw or ftp

Oh thats kinky… I mean, oh thats #####

Lol. Yeah OK. /s