Are region transfers a done deal?


Can those of us who keep asking the same question get some kind of formal update please. It would be much appreciated.


What do you mean??

Transfers have been live for over a month.


They have only been given to a fraction of the actual amount of regions.


Transfers = :poop:

Trust me if you are in a noob region cherish these times because as soon as they open it up you will get taken over by at least one whale faction. If you want out there is nowhere else to go.

And you should know better than to ask for any kind of info unless it pertains to buying a new op premiere because they love to keep us in the dark with everything.


Ah really?? Sorry I guess I overlooked that as I had been given the opportunity due to being in a region of only 30 players!

Hopefully they open up to everyone else soon :slight_smile:


Yep same here. Every team who couldn’t cut it in there starting region moved seeking an easier place to play. What a joke as if any of the “rewards” are remotely worth it. They all stink from top to bottom.



More like extremely unbalanced…If whale factions were relegated to one money region, it wouldn’t be as bad. Sprinkling these whale factions amongst weaker regions in order for them to stroke their egos, show off all of their premieres, and crush any sense of competition, is the real problem. Transfers on a whole have been garbage.


Transfers should have been a case by case basis for each server not a widespread free for all like it has become. So many servers with high activity were opened when they really had no reason other then people didnt like it there. Now its endless cat and mouse. Morgan was hopping and now its dying so fast due to ultra whales. Almost no middle faction even exist there anymore since finishing even top 100 takes massive resources for a single lilith ulysses qnd barely improving your team. Transfers killed the game for casual players no question


I would like to be given the opportunity to see the :poop: for myself. I waited on transfers then waited for the regions one year. Both came and left with zero keys given. The smart me would have just quit like everyone else and not had some sense of false hope. :woman_shrugging:t2: Guess it’s one last attempt before flushing it all down the toilet.


My reg are dead too. Feel ur pain man.
F. o7


Lol I agree dude all the whale factions are allergic to each other and run away from each other on sight like a bunch of cowards so they can lord over the f2p look at Legacy in Morgan perfect example


We don’t need regions anymore since we have leagues, diamond should play with diamond etc.


BUT! Prizes should be changed for sure


Who is the correct person or persons to tag on this post? I really would like something solid.


It’s @JB.Scopely


But leagues does only places based on activity, not strenght.
There are lot of whales that just buy teams, and slack in other tournaments. So there would still be a severe mismatch in power, just this time it’s based on leagues and not regions.


Well crud I sent him a message already.


Let whales buy league points from store, EZ :crazy_face: