Are Premium Collections Ever Coming back?

So as a mug i bought into the Beta Premium collection a few weeks ago to see people buying what probably totalled up to £200/£300 collection for 99p. Awesome … always keeps the blood pressure down seeing that


i also done purchases on the Carl premium collection to get him but time ran out due to no more items in the shop for the last 2 days or more before it finished.

luckily a new collection came up … but it was for blue Negan instead with my items previously purchased still counted up towards getting him.

i decided i did not want this character and hopefully Carl would be issued out again … but for 2 months or more now nothing has come of these museum collections …

Case in point, all the sleeping bags/towels or whatever that were sourced expensively has just been forgotten about? i literally only needed something like 90 more items to finish the collection so that would have been a cool £150-£200 spend if not more and do not have anything to show for it.

I think we need to have either Carl come back or the resources used needs to be refunded as its crazy money to spend for no reward at the end


Haha refund… haha, haha hahahahahah


resources used i said … not coins or funds used

But if you spend on anything in this game there has to be some value to it …

this is why they have museum collections to redeem items after the collection has finished …

my point being is to start up Carl museum collection again so i can finish it lol not asking much

Jajajajajajaja que ridículo jajajajajajajaja (léase con la voz de Homero Simpson)

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I guess this answered my question

Scopely, We need to have the premium collection museum offer pop back up … I spent ALOT of money to gain almost all of the resources on buying this toon … and for what??? not a single item back …

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I did the same BUT contacted customer support who said the items would not be wasted and be useable on return

What them fingers do?

the lovely coming soon springs to mind when asking what and when will it return

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