Are other communities mad? Your reaction to the official response?

Trying to do my best to cut through the facts here & get reactions to the latest “gate” & the official reply. I wondered if the players in other games like Star Trek or WWE were as upset as I’ve seen on the forums & in Line app chats. Reactions have not been great in a time where almost every event announced is not well received. What could they possibly do to regain your trust, or was your trust even broken? Is this something that’s more common than we know? Is it just because some of us have invested a lot of time & money, and feel they are owed more than what has been given lately? I don’t think this can be solved with in-game loot, or stats in a little box… This is a bigger problem than can be solved in game. Hoping (again) the Player Council feedback will help…

Doing my best to break it all down from all sides in this video. Form your own opinions & comment below. Thanks for watching!


I feel like you do, at first I was upset and then I thought well he’s guys are going over the top.

@Invisinerd you’re a plant. Lol

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Nice spin but nothing was talked about it being future it was all present talk.
Get the unedited audio\video from the interview, then do a real video.
Toilet Paper content creator used to do these type videos.


Yes… we need the audio

These are top comments for one game on Google store. I didn’t do anything but open comments and scroll down. So they are the upvoted by the community no bot farmers giving fake reviews.
Just the real players giving them their opinion.

So you’re Obviously not talking to the right people.
People like you that get free shit, live in a walled garden.
Almost endless reviews like this.


Another game same story.

Again another unedited Google review all the top upvoted reviews. Real people
Shit wwe so bad real people bring real signs to real wwe live events saying scopely is a scam, even got in TV.
Whoever has the video should post it.


IIf I’m not mistaken the title of the article is the future mobile gaming or the future of mobile gaming?

Edit: the future of gaming economy. Future is in the title.

This is the title from first unedited " Balancing game economies is an art and a science"


no it is not

Balancing game economies is an art and a science

this is the title

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The word future was nowhere in the original title nor the edited versions. They literally just made up that title when they released that statement.


All right well you guys can keep on being angry or you could move on. He is correct when he says that this community is easily triggered. Every day it’s a new outrage. What will tomorrow bring?

Hopefully the damn truth!

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The truth or what you guys want to hear? It could be a fine line

it is strange to me that you have no problem being a victim of fraud here and are saying this is a over reaction right after you showed you have no real idea what the article has in it with the svp saying these things


I posted this yesterday not sure if we have a few yet, but they are coming, like winter.

I want the truth. The statement released is what they think people wanted to hear. The need to own it and just apologize.

The thing is is that I’m not a victim. What are the odds were 100% 50% or 1% I chose to put my money into the gameNo one made me that is why nobody has a victim unless you are self loathing.

i would like to sell you some oil fields


That is not the problem,
Imagine going to the bank to get money they show you your rate so you take the money, but turns out later the rate shown and given were not the original. Would you just say “well I took the money, so it is ok”