Are Newly Acquired 5-Stars Worth Keeping?


In this new world of 6-stars, are 5 stars worth keeping and leveling up? I currently have 3 6-stars. I have 3 5-stars I could ascend once I have the fodder. And I also have red Governor and Gator that were promised to be ascendable soon.

However I just got double-axe Tyreese from 5-star tokens and Romanov from Lucille tokens. Six months ago I would have been STOKED to get either of them. Now I am planning on using them as fodder. If I did keep, they’d just end up in territories. But they are good for 5-star toons. Am I wasting them by using them as ascension fodder?


Nope, just sell all your 5s to the depot, and prey to RNG that they never get a 6. :joy:


I would say yes based on the upcoming release of faction assault. More variety in teams to complete the various challenges


Latest promo chars, limited editions, your favorite ones


Red Romanov isn’t even common, and he’s also a decapitate specialist, you’re saying you have no place for him in your roster? C’mon, I would’ve loved getting him instead of the crap I pulled from the lucille tokens wheel.


Yeah keep em, Romanov has some sick animations and cool model, Tyreese have two freaking medieval axes, he’s like bloodrayne but in zombie world and he’s not half zombie haha you’d better use some vernons or shit you probably end up getting


I’m loathed to get rid of my 5*, don’t even like using the awful ones as fodder, you just don’t know if/when they will become ascendable or how good their 6* equivalent will one day be.

There are certain toons I can’t get rid of though, like dual axe Tyreese, Camo Michonne, Flame thrower Romonov etc, they’re just cool characters however useless they become.

They come in handy for Survival Road too.


I am not getting rid of my maxed 5-stars. I have 27. 12 I use at least once in a while And most of those I may never part with. 15 are territories or towers in war. Axe Tyreese and Romanov just aren’t really needed but I may level them when my 6-stars are level 80