Are more people leaving the game or starting?


I have been playing since the beginning but I’m very dangerously close to calling it quits. I have jumped through every hoop they put in front of me from leveling up my four 6*'s but I think I’m going to going to be about 50 vests short of Dwight. This reminds me of the Michonne head cluster F. My question is are more long term players that spend a moderate amount getting fed up and quiting or are they getting more new fish to keep this money grab afloat and don’t care if they lose loyal players?


This thread is going to be closed, so no point trying to discuss. We aren’t allowed to post about quitting here anymore, so yeah, keep on surviving.


Darn it! I’m really curious. I never hear from new players


Me neither


I know it sucks, but Shane threatened to ban people who make quit or goodbye threads. Hahaha


As long as Twd is airing there will always be a (flood) of new players.


New player here :slight_smile:


Rare sight around the forums. :grinning:


it doesnt matter. when you start at this point you have no chance to compete. no ascendance medals, no chance to reach milestones at the countless lvl ups and so on. so the beginners will quit after a short time anyway. and the old ones are quitting too, so now do maths :wink:


There aren’t many new players on the forum. Only 122 participated in the below poll, but it at least gives an idea of the demographics here.


New player here too. Well, relatively. Just over a month old. Strangely enough, my first post last week was me losing stuff because of a level up bug.


Must be a nightmare starting this game new now. How long would it take to get your 1st 6* toon? :thinking:
Without spending of course :joy:


If you were new how much would them milestones scare you off?


Dropped cash for the 30 day pass twice, and one more for the 10 pulls thing. After all, the idea of “two chances” was enticing. After I got a truckload of 3 stars, I thought, “never again.”

So now I’m stuck with three 5s, one of which I was supposed to finally get to tier 3, but TPTB (the powers that be) reset it in last week’s tourney after I inquired why my 8k score for leveling that toon up wasn’t adding up.

As for the milestones, I’ve yet to reach 250k. Which means I’m lacking Dwight rifle parts and Barbed wires, etc


Did all the roadmaps and events that I could. I just found it virtually difficult to get the other parts via milestones in Level up or SR if I don’t fork out the cash.


I wish that was the case for me. I’ve yet to get a single toon with my Lucille tokens too.


Ah your not alone I got all gauntlets and one Romanov


my bad. I thought the topic was talking about the RNG in general, as I’ve yet to pull a 6 star from the premier toon wheel despite spending virtually all my coins there too. My apologies for misunderstanding.


Yeah I’ve heard this. But I did edit without spending.
It must be very difficult. And the milestones in these level ups for them must be mad.
I’m struggling to hit the 500k :-1:


This really doesn’t seem fair for new players. They should give other opportunities to get the parts. In the past it wasn’t this difficult. Usually the roadmaps would be sufficient.