Are missing Hilltop Badges going to make a difference?


So last week the badges topped out at 505. This week they are hovering around 470+ depending on how much raiding you’ve done. The faction level up was supposed to pay badges in milestones, most likely 10+20 for the first 2 milestones.

Adding those in would make this week’s total comparable to last weeks. But not having these available might make a 100 power token difference.


Every active player should be able to get 30 badge from raid over the course of the week, no active player should be complaining that they are missing anything.


Well they advertised something then didn’t follow through. That is complaint worthy.

And facing Scopely’s RNG your “should” is far from certain.


I’m at 572 for the week and the highest drop I’ve had has been 3. 505 last week was a bit odd given that you can only trade in hundreds.

I agree they should have had badges in FLUP as advertised.


Stop letting them get away with false advertising. It clearly shows badges and they didn’t deliver and then they had the nerve to edit the information rather than give us what was promised. This is against the law and protected by the FTC. We should be given the badges as advertised.


you need to take them to court over this or at least report to police


Events are clearly now having the tokens as straight prizes. With participation in everything seems most players will get rick and some.


This doesn’t rise to the level of anything actionable but it is another straw of player dissatisfaction on the camel’s back.


yo tengo 15 monedas de Rick, en aumeto de nivel y en asalto darán!!


It seems that badges stopped dropping during the last hour of the competition. I used 3 raid cans to get the last 2 needed badges and got zeros drops.


Yeah but that add does not have an asterisk followed by subject to change.

A good company wouldnt hide the mistake they would owe up to it and make things right with thier customers.


I need 10 badges to complete my last Hilltop collection… Sigh


Sorry to hear that. I myself just made it to 5. I had to do a bit of raiding to get there. Something tells me a lot of people fell short by about 20-30 which not coincidentally is the number that should have been given out in an event as advertised.