Are Lydia or Erika returning?

Got almost 10k coins now for doing offers, and I’d like to get one or the other.

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Use it on a generation 2 premiere.


U have to go for Alice!


Erika and Lydia teams get handled easily by Alice


I would like Lydia or Erika.

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they are pretty useless right now. but if you want them…

No they dont sell dated toons anymore wait for a token wheel

where are the other eeveelution brothers/sisters ? Is Jolteon okay ? oh the she get eaten ?

Get Alice instead, she’s a beast on attack and makes quick work of shield teams

Ericka sucks, lydia only good with 8% better off buying atk toons dude, gen 2 ones at tht.

They are hiding from Ash.

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ok ill wait for alice. i just really like lydia because her leaderskill and weapon.

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I love my Lydia! But in today’s meta attack toons are the ones that are really needed, if you are definitely gonna pull I would try my luck at Alice and Amber, good luck with the gear needed for any toon that fortune smiles down upon you getting. :blush:

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they’re smart

A gen 2 toon is probably more advisable to wait on. The current meta is changing anyway. Erika is a nice toon to have, but generation 2 toons have about 500+ more stat pts than gen 1. Regarding Lydia players are running her with an 8% ap weapon, and more yellows or blues with 20% ap weapons on defence

Lidia and erika will likely be on a wheel for war or an event they likely wont generate any revenue so not likely to see them premiere

Wait on a gen 2 toon

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