Are items in SR bag for refills also weighted?


I bought 7 bags and got only one refill each time… so wondering if cans are also weighted?


Ive been playing this game for 2+ years and let me tell you. Every kind of chance bag is weighted towards the least desirable item or lowest amount.


thanks for info…didnt know about normal bags…


OG is right. When you’re thinking about buying these bags, you are buying the guaranteed worst outcome, and the value that provides should be subtracted from the total cost. The remaining amount is essentially your bet that a better outcome will occur.


They’re weighted, i complained to support one time after a similar pull and they said they were


Yeah that’s the biggest issue in my opinion in why loot bags without showing odds are unethical.

Even if it only said high, medium, low i would consider it within bounds of ethics, but not saying anything… especially when it is software and subject to change at any moment… This shit is unethical.


Yes it is perfectly normal to get the very bottom end or the very least vaulable item in the bags its all a big rip off.


yeah from last 4 days i m buying ascendable medals and i am getting 6300 medals all the time…


General rule of thumb: ignore the description text of any in-game offering. Phrases like “receive up to X” or “chance for Y” is all marketing lingo. Always look at the lowest possible outcome and if you move forward with the transaction, expect the lowest possible outcome and take anything that ended up not being the lowest possible outcome as a win.

During the last level up, bought some burt crates (stupid I know). Purchased 3 times, 1 Burt each time. For the same amount, should have purchased the offer with the 3 x Burt plus 3 x Brady + extra items.

Overall, per my previous post regarding huge drop of 5* value with the 6* US$100 offer, this could well be a new shift in revenue direction from Scopely - moving towards offers and using everything else in the app as a pricing reference point to condition its user base. This, if real, is a much smarter revenue direction than the hard switch from premier recruit wheel pre-ascension, to epic+ gear and medals, then back to a hard switch to premier recruit with the 6* buff and 6* inclusion in the premier wheel.

Happy 2018! Keep surviving!


which is pretty dumb.

They sell shit at “regular price” and give u this illusion you can get more…

I’ve also had shit luck with these bags.

I bought like 10 of those bags going from 2-8 refills for 390 coins.
got 8x2 and 2x3.

Not even 1 good one…

I don’t understand… if crates had real like 40$ off vibe…
It would be actuaally not feel like a scam.

I’d personally still prefer a Coin shop format, where you can buy what you want.
Especially for weapons…

I absolutely hate the Format of “Rolling the dice” and I refuse to spend because
i tried a few times and got absolute garbage complete waste.

If they sold weapons for Coins directly no bullshit, or armory pieces for coins no bullshit…
This too me would be far more interesting.


selling something at finite rate is not advisable as this will screw FTP… like they starting selling legendary at finite rate…but definitely they should put equal odds for things in any bag…weighted system has no sense… Scopley is greedy company…They bring SR, Raid tourney for a day and level up for more than 2 days…so annoying…