Are individuals getting banned for raiding the same player too much?

On a related note, can we have a way to report people who constantly walker territories please?

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I do this and to anyone who ranks higher than me in events, easy 1st place and rep is the most important thing in game.

How can we be sure that people aren’t getting banned just because someone reports them.for raiding too much? Are we just suppose to take Scopelys word for it?


Lemme say this now. You will not get banned for ■■■■■■■ raiding the same player. Thats like getting banned for robbing the safe bank over and over in GTA. As long as you didnt message or threatened him. You wont get the banned. Unfortuantely. He’s gonna get the ban gun.

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Why on Earth was that hidden? All I did was ask a question, a legit question. Scopes hasn’t shown themselves to be very trustworthy

it is because of the b word that was used :upside_down_face:

Oh, ridiculous!

I miss the good old days. There used to be someone in our region that when ever you raided them they sent you a well written message ladened with curse words and threatening to do bodily harm to you if you ever raided them again.

I miss those messages. They were the best.


Evo raids me all the time. You don’t see me whining about it! Lol. Stiff upper lip my dear. If ya don’t want to be raided, maybe this isn’t the game for you. All I have to say abt it is bring it on! Lol.

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He can ghost. Keep materials and food under 10% capacity, only raid bots or retired players and you will never be raided.

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Right? But his threats are what makes him uhmmm. Yea…

Hmmm I remember when some people that I used to raid for some time get extremely mad. I just think, calm down it’s only a game, it’s not like you get money off it unless your scopley.

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This thread kinds make a me uncomfortable. I mean could they repeatedly report you and get you in trouble. If a whole factions say your inappropriate surely Scopely would investigate the claims even if you were just repeat raiding. Enough complaints? Ppl like that make the game less fun. Cause you feel like ya gotta walk on glass.

I know I was joking up above, but still… I hope it doesn’t really bc a issue .

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Lol, you should report that moron for abusing the reporting system.


As I told my faction Raid away! Raid till your thumbs are in pain. :slight_smile:

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