Are hacker's and cheater's being dealt with in your region?


I have seen some potential progress towards deleting some cheating~player’s accounts, but how is it being handled in your region?

Pff... Beaufort :/

I haven’t seen any blatant cheats in any of my regions other than 1 in Chilton. That isn’t to say there hasn’t been any subtle cheating going on (weapon mods, coins, characters) that are a bit harder to detect if the cheater hasn’t gone overboard


I think I’m in mine …!


In Marshall region there are many hackers.

I’ve posted today thus topic:

And this one the hacker won the 3rd prize:



Yup they are also selling any 6* character outright now too…
So guys keep your eyes out for any player who magically turns up with a 6* non promo who isn’t in the premier recruits wheel



Dream Team in a few days?


and weapons …






I don’t get why a p12 having better stuff than you means they’re a hacker


Darlington region still absolutely infested. For a new region it will soon be dead if nothing is done


In my region we got a former cheater who was already banned on the past playing without problem’s.

He got banned after spending on VK when the 6* were released.
After that he made a comeback with another account, bough a lot of 6* and full t4 gear + weapon mod’s. This account is still active. We even have Whatzapp prof where he admit that he bough from russians. No action was taken against this account… Right now this account was “sold” to a friend of the cheater and it still running ingame.

It seen’s like Scopely let 1-2 cheaters per region to make people want to spend more to compete with those team’s…



2 premier characters 480 pull … Where was it so far?


We have this bot named admin spamming a website for "free"coins i blocked about 7 of the bot but they keep coming


Some days in T4…activ skill full rush full 2-3 premier characters? You do not even believe it …?!
Sorry I did not want you to Finaly Boos


I’ve seen people with prestige below 8 and 16 (premier) 6* all with full active skills/ar

I’ve seen prestige rise at a rate of either spending 10000s in seconds or hacking

I’ve seen characters not on the wheel in this region in peoples teams

In short the region is fcked and its only about 6 weeks old