Are constant solo level ups ruining the fun


It has been recently announced that what we are experiencing this week with multiple solo level up tournaments will be the norm. Now im asking you the players what your thoughts are on this decision by Scopely.

Is having what amounts to basically a constant solo level up running ruining the game?

  • Yes
  • No

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They will be if we can’t get food another way. Its going to be tedious for all, and the scores will reflect this. Winning a solo level up with 150k points is not unreasonable in the near future!


The levelups are not a problem, I think the milestones are not achievable as only they have increased while our ability to score points (Food income etc.) has not. 6* do scor e a lot more points, but people dont save their 6* for lvlups specifically, they lvl them for raiding/war - and its only one char.

It takes 21million food to max a 5* and over 700 2* characters. That will only get you just into the second milestone currently - but we dont train 2* that quickly or gain food that quickly either.

Daily income of food from farms is just over 1mil, so it would take 3weeks to get enough food to hit the second milestone once - but in those 3 weeks there have been 4-5 lvlups with that required milestone.

Lvlups / Character progression is currently a broken economy, farms hourly income should be changed, when maxed, to 10,000 (from 5,700) and just make it 500 per farm lvl for quickmaffs - this would help but it would still be bad.


In my opinion they will no longer be any semblance of fun. The will quickly turn into daily sr or territories, nothing but another chore to grind on. New players will quickly become sick of not hitting milestones and vets will soon run out of gear and food.
Most 5s are not worth wasting resources on and the legacy 6s are no where in sight. Im the leader of the top faction in our region and barely any coin is spent to level toons. Most our guys grind constantly to aquire food and gear to level toons during events.
If level ups are constantly running whats the point of even having prizes? Just do away with them completely and people will level as they need to.


Just yet another thing we will need to get used to ignoring.


I’m with what Lockdown said. I don’t have a problem with the level ups themselves. It’s the fact that there has been no inflation on resources but inflation on point expectations. We’re getting more 5s through tokens that’s just about it. We’re living in the world of 6s now and still getting the 5* rate of survivors, food, shirts and gloves, etc.


It is not just the constant levels ups (ok lets be fair barely half the days the last week was level up so…), it is a perfect storm:

  • A barrage of level ups, with no breather, no room to look forward to the next…
  • Paired with ludicrous milestones that would require silly amounts of 6* toons and gear…
  • That you flagrantly “offer” for large sums on real money with no realistic way to win by playing.

This perfect combo is was ruins everything with level up, and most of the game at the moment. The blatant disregard for players, paired with a not even disguised money grab.