Are Blue Keys just Worthless if you already got Pete?

Is there any other uses for blue keys?

Or are they now WORTHLESS now if you already got Pete?

Worthless at this point.


Its useless

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They open the door to let your chihuahua plushies in and out to relieve themselves


The weight of poop in your hand.

Apparently they are worth plenty in my region, as the people in the top ten all have him up as their lead, they must have SOME value to those people… Or maybe those people just suck and don’t want the rest of the region to advance… Hmmm…


I’ve Pete, but with Aarav 6*/S collections I had to level 2x of them… and I’m working on the S to get the additional crate. unfortunately I’ve not much use of any blue keys I’m going to get

At this point I believe they are worthless even if you don’t have him :joy:

They have done a blue key trade in at the museum once before so technically not worthless, but who knows when they will do it again.

It’s so worthless that last time they put on museum I think it was 500 blue keys in exchange for half of other s type character tokens…

Yeah keys have been some of the most contested events I’ve seen

Yes they are

Top faction in our region all have Pete but still smash to get top prizes, should hold off and give others a chance for the keys especially if they are worthless

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Worthless right now, might become more useful later but who knows.

Positive spin: If you don’t have Pete yet, they are also useless unless you have 11k, at which point they become somewhat useful. Until then, you’re just waiting for them to become useful at some point in the future.

They did offer a Museum collection at one stage where unwanted keys could be exchange for other s class collectibles I think the ratio was 2:1

Ratio would need to be 1:1 to any fairness. They’re giving out rewards people can’t use. And it happened once what are the odds they doing it again, they ran a good faction assault event once. As for today blue keys are useless if you already got Pete in the current market

Supply points.

I wish I started with Pete, pryia, aarav and that baldy bitch lapoeo or what ever she is called I got those first total regret it now, my team is all over the shot can’t seem to make a decent defence does my head in any one fancy a look only been in the region 4/5 month so not the best toons that’s my current defence

Unfortunately I’m sure it’s more of the latter. It’s the same in my region too

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