Are badges dropping in raids yet?


If not does anyone know when they start to drop?


Yes they are. They are dropping at the amazing, outstanding rate of ONE.

That’s right, 1 bagde.


UGH!!! Facepalm. I’ve won two raids and no drops.


4 drops (of 1) out of 9 raids


I had doubts they’d do this (no matter how low the rate is). Surely they’d never give us a farmable roadmap on week 3. :wink:


Got 5 on a raid


real inspiring Scope


Realistically, if you could farm at least 10, the pulls would be much easier. A couple of cans, a couple of raids, a couple of pulls. Not surprised at this. If 5 is the max, then it’s 50/50 for some.


Badges dropped 2/6 raids and both times were 1.


Six cans yielded 22


I went 5 singles out of my natural 6 energy. Not gonna burn cans, just won’t let natural energy sit full.


5 raids, 4 badges. Ain’t worth the time and effort.


ur rate beated 95% of the players