Are 6 stars to powerful? And lots more!


Is it just me or is when scopley made the 6 stars powerful they unbalanced the game ruined 5 stars and now you really need them to do good in the game so now there making mass money on that…it’s just annoying when you get a good 5 star but then it useless because it can get 1 shot right away… or maybe they should just start adding newer toons added that people spend on right before the 6 stars then work on the old toons.


Is it just me or is this a repeat post?

I swear I have seen this conversation before.

Like the hackers/scammers posts.

And the “rewards are crap” posts.

If you searched the forum for the same topic, you can find many others that agree with you :slight_smile:


I am bored and i wanted to see what people would reply to plus I can’t remember what was said last time and I generally wanted to know about the 6 stars opinion