Are 5* weapon ready to publish 😁😁😁

I see some new 5* weapon item :grin::grin:

is that a christmas gift :grin::grin::grin:

Thanks brooo :grin::grin::grin: i just see that :grin::grin::grin:

One of there side projects, like the elusive gold radio.


They’ll release 5* weapons once they really start to lose revenue and players. That will be their backup plan, as well as create your own Survivor mode.


True but in beta they gave everyone 10x of each I believe?! lol no idea why either. It’s like the” mr owl how many licks in a tootsie pop question” we won’t ever know lol :joy:

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So really soon, since dash declined recently with β€œnot in nearby future” , we can expect them January - February.


Damn. :slight_smile:

Let’s not kill the game…


They will be here before they fix rewards I imagine. Since that’s last on the list. Giving an unfair advantage and all

Fast. Greater chance to confuse when being attacked, 2 turns.

Strong. Greater chance to Taunt when being attacked, 2 turns.

Tough. Greater chance to disable when being attacked, 2 turns.

Alert. Greater chance to stun when being attacked, 2 turns.


They all have a 100% chance to be in promo wheels then in armory, you forgot that trait.


I sincerely hope not, windowless becomes a steel curtain.

I know everything is luck but come on goddamn, those magic weapons make sub par teams incredible.

I can’t hit a GOOD crit to hit for anything but I know for damn sure, everybody and their mothers will get all those awesome crits

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Don’t worry greater chance will proc 50% of the time (compared to better at 35%).

we could use some different mods before we could use some β€œstronger” weapons.

Also, 5 star weapons would make people like Shiva, Barker, Yumi basically even more subpar.

I’d rather see lvl 200 and expanded base with 3rd armory :slight_smile:

These are two screenshots of two posts saying the exact same thing.

Unless you have further info, this is a pointless β€œfear-mongering” post.

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Although what would be interesting

Is introducing 5* weapons however

Those 5* weapons could only be equipped to 3/4/5*’s and 6* can’t use them

would mean the old forgotten 5*’s that 6*’s made useless could become useful again.

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While I suspect we won’t see 5* weapons in the next 12 months, making them lower toons only would be amazing.

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They said that 6* was NEVER going to be in the wheel… So, prepare for 5* weapons with mods like β€œCannot be stunned” or β€œIgnore enemy weapon Effect” stuff


Weapons are never a huge cash grab for them. I’m also not sure their servers can handle the extra workload. We’ve all seen the crashes since 6s popped.

Dash also said something about 6* and promo pulls and here we are…

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