Are 2x Chances Gone?

Just wanted to know if Scopely decided to scratch 2x Chances from the list of Premier Recruits promos.

The last one I’ve seen was a long while back, I believe it was for “A New Threat” Gov.

Since then every previous released character comes at Increased Chances.

Could someone at Scopes clear this for me? @Agrajag @kalishane

2x chances never existed.


2 x 0 chance :joy:


2 x chances equates to 1% rather than 0.5%, not a big deal, scopely will screw you anyway.

I know that it was always smoke and mirrors. But I got lucky most of the times I tried to pull during a 2x Chances promo.

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2x chances were just an increased chance at that particular 5★ character, not an increased chance of 5★ characters as a whole.

Same chance of winning the lottery, just more chance of hitting the jackpot

@Kanaima, I know how it works. That’s what I was trying to say.

If I pull I want more chances to get the featured characters opposed to getting a random other.

With increased chances,more often than not, people end up with a character they don’t want or need.

My guess is that 2x chance may be too closely intertwined with the apple mandate for revealing odds so they had to scrap it


so sneaky ,…Scopely:joy:

I think it was a visual glitch and it has been fixed