AR trainers now useless


Due to the fact that 5* toons are now completely useless, this has also rendered trait rush trainers also useless as any 5* are now just speed lvld to assend. Only trainers with any use now are the legendary and active trainers. So why not start a museum collection where we can trade trainers in (eg 5 pheobies = 1 Lilith or 10= 1 uylesses)


Love this idea


Like each idea which is proposed you can just forget it, we just waste our time, now i get it :slight_smile:


They’re a way to clear up AR objectives in LU.


With this new faction assault event u will need a lot of your 5* as u can only use each toon once per 24hours and there are many missions, add in territories, and survival road they have given a bit of life back to our 5* that seemed useless.