AR Increase Percentage Not Showing


I am not sure if anyone else is experiencing this problem but this morning I tried sacrificing a bunch of leader trait 1* and 2* toons to increase my 5* toons AR, normally when doing so, on the bottom right corner it shows the percentage of success and how many levels you can potentially increase but for whatever reason, its not showing how many AR levels you can increase and the success rate.This needs to be fixed. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


I think Scopes knows about this. I thought they already fixed it, but i wasn’t really paying attention.



@RI8CAgE, this is exactly what I’m talking about, the only difference is that regardless of how many characters I sacrifice, it only shows chance at 1 level AR increase. So I’m worried that this is gonna make it harder to increase a toons AR. Can anyone else confirm this?


I haven’t had any luck with at it seems chances have been reduced :pensive:


@Araris, Wow!!! Seems like Scopely is making it harder for people to enjoy this game smh.


Got recently with 9 2* Toons +3 so yea…


Using dupes or trainers is the only thing working for me right now


Mine does not show the percentage, but it will show “chances at 3 levels”. Maybe it only shows one lvl for you because u only have one lvl left to go?