AR getting abs'ed

I am seeing this a lot. My AR attacks, especially those double attack toons, are getting blocked by absolute zero weapons at about the same rate as regular attacks get blocked. The problem is that an AR cannot be blocked by abs. So, Wtf Scopely? Fix it. I asked around and others are experiencing this as well.

Are the ARs multi-attacks? Multi-attacks will proc on-hit effects such as Absolute Defense.

If not, then it’s likely a new glitch with the new update. (Can’t confirm this because update isn’t out on iOS.)

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100% double attack toons such as:


are only doing basic attacks at 600% or whatever they have, they are susceptible to absolute defence, impair, reflect damage and stun.

other than that AR rushes such as tyreese, magna, mirabelle etc will always hit a toon with that damage rush

UNLESS they have a guardian icon on them, then all attacks are negated


Lot of recent toons have basic attacks for ar. Like Konrad and that new sandy. Called em crap for a reason.

Bruce would not be affected as he has disarm skill like Michonne


Is this your first time here? This isn’t a glitch at all…

^ dont have AR they have 2 normal attacks SMH

Fix yourself.

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The double attack toons (Dwight, Shiva, etc) aren’t using a “rush” it says in the description that it will be dealing 2 attacks (2 regular attacks) to an enemy which means that it can trigger ABS Defense, Stun, Impair, AP Down and etc.

If it does trigger one of those weapon effects then it may be very possible that both attacks can get blocked or if you trigger the stun first attack the second attack won’t happen

The fact that he said he spoke to other players and they have all experienced the same thing makes me wonder how many noobs out there thinks this is actually a bug. Maybe Scopely show include this in the tutorial when explaining how rushes work.

Teresa, blue execution Yumiko, etc…

This is much too detailed to be shown in the tutorial. I believe this is something that people just have to learn for themselves. People give this game crap but it’s actually pretty complicated.

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