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after the last update, the ar animations are not being skipped or accelerated by tapping during them, i dont know if its only happening to me or if its the whole game


Yes definitely not being speed up when tapping the screen, @JB.Scopely can you look in to this

Working fine for me. In fact, now AR animations will automatically accelerate if you’re already on 3x setting.


Well a couple of faction mates are experiencing this issue as well, i feel crippled raiding like this. @JB.Scopely pls take it up the chain.

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Bump this up again, raiding has become even more tedious since I can’t skip over the ar animation. @JB.Scopely any word from the team?

Hahahaha :joy::ok_hand: so you dont get teddy! Hahaha

One Word: Timeslip


I find the animations extremely annoying and a waste of time

@JB.Scopely pls have a look at this

Can we just get rid of the AR animations? Pretty please?






Read previous comments…

Just because you’re not facing this issue doesn’t make it go away, whole gaming community out there…


It’s more likely that you don’t really know if it is an issue. On 3x speed now, animations automatically go faster without needing the tap on the screen. So when you tap on the screen, it seems like nothing is happening, because the animations are already going at the speed at which it’s faster.

Seems to me you did not read what the issue was in the first place, i didn’t mention this happened while 3x speed was used, this happens when you’re not using 3x speed and when i tap on the screen it doesn’t accelerate the animation like it used to.

#1, there’s almost no reason to not use 3x speed.
#2, the difference is hard to notice, but tapping on 1x still does have a faster animation.
#3, if you’re so concerned about not having a sped up animation, use 3x speed.

You feel “crippled raiding”, but didn’t use 3x speed at all to begin with. Such brilliance.