AR and AS trainers not longer giving toon XP

Hi @WalkerTexasRanger and @TayTron

I’m not sure if this has already been brought up, I did a quick search but didn’t see anything, but I’ve noticed that the AR and AS trainers ullyese and lillth and I think the new one called Megan? No longer gives toon xp.

Is it possible to understand the reason for this decision please?

Prior to the levelling up systems reforms, those trainers (excluding Megan) used to not only upgrade a toons AR or AS, but gave toon xp also which was really helpful to customers.

I’m no sure where the feedback or data was provided/collected to remove this but from just having a look, I don’t see that any customer has asked for this change? @TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger pls correct me if I’m wrong.

Could we please have the toon xp reinstated for these trainers?

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Idk why they changed that either in the update makes no sense


It might be easier to implement with the change of the layout/interface, but that said interface is much worse than the original, so not really a good reason to steal 1.5k (1.95k on territory bonus) from all of these trainers… :frowning:

It actually works in your favor now. Don’t level anything up on toon and try them out before you level them up. So you don’t make the Mercer mistake

Well, the bleeding blitz just prove that the mercer mistake wasn’t a complete mistake after all…

I not sure that taking away trainer XP is the answer to that? Or is the actual reason… I don’t use a AS or AR for the toon xp, it’s because I want their AR or AS to pop faster… the toon xp is a excellent bonus that has always been there and has no reason to be removed. And provide (due to their lesser availability) an extra.

Think players looking into the AS and AR skills beforehand, asking for advice etc would assist in that decision

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So a Mercer in a ap team that uses his active first round is a good thing. Ok got it!

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