Aquamarine Necklace Event Video

After a week of playing around with this Aquamarine Necklace Event here is a video of how I feel about it :

I am a huge fan of this event and I really do hope it stays after the 8 week deadline is over.

Maybe it is something that will stay such as the “No 3*'s in the Premier Wheel” which would be amaze-balls!

Anyways I do hope you enjoy the video!


Far and away the best event they have done this year without question. We get actual useful rewards for playing the game and hitting milestones. That there are no rng boxes involved is nothing short of a miracle. By the end of this event, most people should easily have a full t4 squad.

Nice vid and let’s give a big thank you to whoever was in charge of creating this event. Please keep more like this going in the future. Less rng and useful rewards will always be appreciated.


Totally agree. I had 1 T4 toon going into this event. Now I have 4. After I collect 6 double holsters I will have 5. If this becomes permanent or at least returns after a couple month break and becomes regularly recurring , I will fully forgive the broken promises of epic/legendary gear roadmaps.


This is what an anniversary event should be like.
No RNG, just grind and reward. They’ve elevated the bar once again, let’s hope they don’t drop the ball like they did after previous successful events.

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