April login of pure tragedy

It’s just a damm trainer crate
sad violins


It‘s a free trainer crate. I take it and say Thank You.


Most of us will get a Burt so who’s not to say it isn’t April fools, with love scopes.


Happy Easter!

I got a Burt, but it’s FREE! So, I am not complaining :slight_smile:


There is hope…

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Lucky you burt here

But got this dude from surprise crate on Thursday

if i could get some canteens he is still way down the list of 4th tier to go toons

He doesn’t seem to much a problem to kill on defense
I mean i faced a team with him all stun weapons
And i beat them
It’s funny because my atk team uses 2 5*

He is a offence toon. I would not put him on defence lol. Even behind my Erika

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But so far he kills all those greens just fine. All the green teams out there and carl leads Reds can run roughshot once again

Personally, I have nothing wrong with this crate. A free trainer every day would be pretty nice.


Given that I will certainly be gifted with Burts all throughout this daily login calendar, I have a huge issue. It’s bad enough every other thing in this game already has that jackpot mentality where in every little box or crate or bag, there’s a grand prize and something that’s complete shit. I would have seriously taken that fake Jessie event over this.

Honestly if Jessie was given free I’d take her I mean if you don’t get mackensie she’s the next best ranged healer rapid and well her active and rush aren’t too bad I think it’s just tenacity that let’s her down maybe out last would suit her more better
But the fact that she removes stun from the get go is also another draw to her

What if the entire thread is one big April Fools joke? XD