April log in reward calender!

Found it early. Looks like it features 2 chances as Jessie…


ugh, i already have 5 Jessie’s - this is disappointing

So is Jessie in the crates? What am I supposed to do with 2 lol

I believe it’s chances… At her - not sure what else is in there

Well at least it’s a ranged toon might not be the best but it’s something was getting tired of all the free fast characters.


I’d probably need 100% chance to get her…

They nerfed 100% chances.


I’ll take a Jessie I mean a free Jessie on good because
Well she is nicer than shane and probaly has much more use I mean she rapid so she might be decent now because she heals a decent amount and removes stun really quickly but was no worth premier because she wasn’t a premier toon

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Wait a min this isnt real
There’s no vk / muffin
Well guess this was an early April fools
Bet we get free. Caroline tommoorow to curse us all


Fakeee, days are wrong (1st on thursday?) and look at the bottom of picture with erased stuff from previous calendar.


Lol. Nice try.

Lol congrats… Zoom in on Jessie’s Knee…

Happy April Fools!


Lmao. I’m actually glad this was fake Jesse is straight trash. I’d prefer 100% chance at anything else.

They wish we all quit so token rewards would be accepted by everyone

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@Mr_Muffintop As a living and breathing troll… I approve of this fantastic troll. But you must be living in the future bc it isn’t April yet here :P.

I’m sorry you’re actually unsatisfied with getting 18k epic tokens month for free? We’ll now… I’m thankful for getting the tokens. It could have been worse like a grenade a day.

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Rewards are different than gifts. Sorry you arent in a top faction and dont expect real rewards for coming in 1st

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Sorry you’re miserable from grinding your ass of for nothing. Stay bitter.

PS I must admit I read wrong thought you were mad about free daily reward tokens.

Why couldn’t we have this instead of trainer crates?

So you know we’re gonna get trainer crates every single day of April? Nice.