April fool's? Really

This stuff is too funny - we listened to our players :joy:.


Maybe this was their own evaluation of that add

Scopely did something right for the first time in history, could you recognize it even a little?

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Would be the best update ever if they didn’t kill it in a 24 hour span with spending class characters.

■■■■■■■ pathetic and petty to try to fool new suckers to play this game without knowing a backstory.

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What did they do right?


I too am curious… The f2p divide is bigger than ever and they were just caught admitting to manipulating odds for different players :grimacing:

The new “suckers” will not face whales with 5 S classes, and if from the past they will be informed enough here and with all this toxicity, Christa and James are not the best but they are and will be useful. I also don’t agree that they launch two S classes a month, but the ones we have now can be obtained with effort free, do you want everything easy? I understand the frustration of the slow release of legacies in the game and I share the thought, but you just can’t complain about everything

They said that they listened. They never mentioned anything about actually doing anything suggested, however, so technically it is correct.


Update the wheels that until then were crap, the gift S classes, the league stores, the greater accessibility to S class objects, accept that they have given terrible communication. What did they do wrong? I could give you a bigger list, but there is no point in being that toxic, Players United began as a peaceful movement that only watched to improve the game through feedback, you? just insulting because it is the best they can do, what have you achieved? absolutely nothing

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Protip: only one class of player can claim to like the game easy and with shortcuts.




What big update? I see nothing (Sadly scopely is gonna get 24.99$ out of me for sc) I wanna get that harrison.

Well this must be some sorta horrible & very late April Fool’s Day joke.


How exactly are ppl supposed to collect her if they wanted to?

Harrison seens a good option for SC Collection but her, skip all the way, not worth in my opinion.

Also Gabriel was a fine addition…

Explain to me what is not worth complaining about?

Give me a checklist?

Where can one put effort when my f2p Azz can’t beat any of this years promos?

My wallet is closed and will forever be closed.

They only updated the wheels when s class was launched ffs - making 99% of toons in all wheels redundant. Erika in prestige wheel? About 12 months late. The update of wheels was 12 months overdue (minimum). There is no pat on the back for doing something after being nagged for literally years lol


My fp2 azz beat a bunch of Raven and Zachar,y and it’s not worth complaining about the same old crap, toxicity will never solve anything

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Clearly the positive outcomes are not either. Lose lose I guess.

I couldn’t agree more - why should they get props for updating features they never should have allowed to go stale in the first place. They had no intention to fix anything until called on it. They are :poop: always have been :poop: and always will be :poop:


Care to share what works best?

The first and subsequent posts of players united were without toxicity and giving feedback instead of making fun and you can’t tell me it didn’t work

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