Applying stun to an already stunned target can remove the stun entirely


Scenario: An enemy has stun resist and has been stunned.

  • A new stun is attempted to be applied to the enemy, and that new stun is resisted: The enemy will now have cleared himself of the original stun that was applied.

This bug hinders many strategies and can punish players for making good decisions, or in some cases, punishes only the decision they can make. (for instance, attacking with a stun on attack weapon)


the status of a character in combat is boolean, thats mean something like this:

Stuned? true or false
-stuned start in “false”
-a character atack you with stun weapon
-if it had luck, you will be stuned and the status stuned change to true, but if stun resist is activated, stun status change to false

programation bug

(sorry mah english)


I thought this was fixed?

Definitely was an issue when mods first landed but not seen it happened for a while now


They are like roaches you think they are gone but eventually if not maintained they do come back. The problems with most bugs on not properly tested features.


It is definitely not fixed :stuck_out_tongue:


I love having my 5 stun swords be made useless because some crappy 5% stun resist crit set mod nullified everything


If (isStunned){
//keep stunned
rateOfStun = weapon.getStunRate();

It is simple to resolve, but people keeping complaining about it and Scopely does nothing…


Definitely back. Happened to me a lot after last update during the raid tourney.


I run an all stun attack team and I can confirm that it has definitely been fixed. Ive not had any issues with this happening in the past two war weekends. Maybe you are having other toons apply focus or recover stun from an active skill or an ar?


Maybe not all stuns are coded the same way? But I definitely had 5* Mira’s AR remove an already stunned target’s stun due to this bug during this blitz war.


Just because it does not happen to you doesn’t mean it’s fixed. That’s like me saying since territories don’t mess up for me they fixed it.


I agree but my whole faction has commented on it being fixed so its not just me


LOL you are assuming the code is written in a way that is easy to maintain. The code was probably written by devs who no longer work there and the new guys have no clue what’s going on.One of the worst things as a developer is to fix bugs in code that was poorly written and documented in the first place.


That’s 30 people out of thousands. Not a good ratio.


That code may have worked prior to mods, but now you have to factor in extra code for mods(and other factors). Granted, it’s just extra lines of code that is easy to type up too, but your example code is lacking. So it’s kinda ironic for you to say it’s easy to resolve, when you didn’t as well :man_shrugging:


its easy to understand for programmers, not for common people :c


in a game, the principal code is made in classes, thats means if you gonna edit one, the other dont be afected



Was and is fixed. I’m sure players are overlookimg other things like remove stun actives, remove status effect or stun rushes.

I often find myself confused due to the order of attacks / rushes not being in sequence. Seems rushes and actives cause a timing issue making things look wrong, but all the pieces were there, display order just went wonky.


Update: This seems to be fixed in some cases and broken in others from my testing. Like I mentioned earlier, 5* Mira’s AR removes an already applied stun when resisted, but Stun on attack mods on weapons do not remove the stun.

Edit: Could also possibly be the type of stun resist mod? (maybe they didn’t fix it for silver, but fixed it for gold or something) Doubt i’ll get a good test of this though.


I’m very aware of how class and object oriented programming concepts work but in scopelys case i don’t know if their devs follow these principles. I don’t think they ever anticipated the game to become so big and they just kept adding random stuff until they lost track of what in the code does what lol.