Apply 5* weapon stats to fixed weapon?

Hi, if make a 5* rampage gun, how do you apply it’s stats to Pyras fixed weapon?

Does her bazooka need to be a 5* weapon first, or does she need to be s class?


I have not done it myself, but I beleive that Priya’s weapon needs to be level to 5 star, then you are good to go - I think you best wait to S-Class her.


Exactly, and you need to research it in the armory first, once for each trait. Costs 5k armory tokens and takes 6 hours I think.

She does not need to be the Stoon version, but you’d waste the 50k armory tokens to 5* the weapon if you ever want to upgrade her.


Yes you have to upgrade her weapon to 5* as well, sounds like you have done the right thing in making a separate rampage weapon :+1:

any pics on how to do it

S class priya then 5* her weapon. Dont forget to use the 3 slots b4 u upgrade her weapon. Dont waste them

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