Apple now mandates that games with loot boxes must disclose the odds of receiving items


Apple now mandates that games with loot boxes must disclose the odds of receiving items to users.

3.1.1 In-App Purchase:

Apps offering “loot boxes” or other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items for purchase must disclose the odds of receiving each type of item to customers prior to purchase.

Source: App Store Review Guidelines

Apple requires loot boxes odds to be displayed
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Its smart of them, no more refunds


Very interesting. I knew such laws wouldn’t come to pass in U.S. for a while because this is a minor issue in comparison to other more important issues, but Apple coming out in support transparency is a pretty surprising change. It’ll be interesting to see how Android reacts to this, as well as how do games show up for different platforms now.


I wonder If IT means we will finally get the mythical real “percentage” for each pull


If this game is out in China then the odds will already be known - as it is law there. CSGO had to publish their odds for cases earlier this year due to it.


good news, wonder when it will be applied i could even switch to IOS if this transparency works out and android does not apply the same.


no need to switch, surely you have a team member who will be able to post it if for you


i am skeptical about odds being same for both platforms if they don’t have to disclose it for android.


Now come on out and reveal what the actual odds of “2x chances” are. Would really love to know how abysmal that is :wink:


Any idea when this is enforceable from? Basically, if it’s not stated in game then when can we start complaining to Apple about this?


Yes. Pulls are not a “loot box” but a “mechanism that provide randomized virtual items”, as stated in Apple guidelines, so, yes 100%


For once a kick in the nuts :peanuts: for scopely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not entirely sure what an Apple mandate has to do with rape, Guess you have a tragic backstory.

Sorry for your pain.


Maybe so.
But it was primarily a false equivalency.


If this is true, flood support with it. Pin this thread to the top.


0.1 x 2 i think


I’m sure Scopely have some loopholes that protect them from ever disclosing odds.


About time, hopefully Android follows suit next!




I have an iPhone and Android so I will just do all my pulls on Apple, no biggie. Disclose the odds or as the gif said above, “sh*t will be real” lol.

Free Christmas Shiva’s for all Apple users!