Appalling war can drop rate

This war the drop rate of war cans is basically non existing

Every war it’s the same story, it won’t change no matter what, how else would they extract coins and $$ out of people!!

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Mods I thought?

I got 5/8 drop my first war. So it’s down to luck I guess.

The wait time is however terrible. Why we have AOW is beyond me. It makes no sense.

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same here, about 10 wars, 1 can dropped. none for taking towers too. not talking about mvp’s.

Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t. A couple wars ago I was -24 over a whole war, this one I’m +5 on over 200k scoring so far, even with burning cans for 1 hit or even for the battle to end right after refilling due to lag.

I agree. It’s atrocious.

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