AP when taking damage

So I’m sure this has been discussed before, but I can’t find it, so I’m starting a thread. I can find a bunch of information when it comes to AR bonuses when attacking. I completely understand how that works, even with the 8% bonus, the 1.4 multiplier, etc.

My question is the AP when taking damage. I’ve heard on defense the multiplier is x2 instead of 1.4. Is that accurate? Also, how much are the weapon bonuses? If you get 2 AP every time you’re hit with a regular attack, and very large when taking weapon bonus gives you 5(I’m guessing on that) that should be 7 AP per attack. If it’s doubled, she should gain 14 AP for every hit she takes. If all 5 toons hit her(and she doesn’t die) that tells me she would get to 70 AP. Since her AR is set at 66, I would assume she would pop round 1.

Is my thinking correct?

Someone asked earlier today… Oh look, it was you smh

So gain on damage taken is proportional to how much damage is actually taken, and weapon and leader effects that modify that just increase the multiplier. As to what each level of ap when taking damage does… they have never revealed that, or what the base multiplier is, just that it is doubled while defending.

Yes, you get 2x AP on every hit you take when defending. There are no number out there that tell you how much AP you get from weapon bonus’ nor from the hits themselves though. However, it’s been guessed that how much AP you get is proportional to how much HP you lose, so your idea on 14AP for every attack is probably wrong.