AP réduction mod blocking AP from charging

I have noticed a pretty annoying bug I mentionned to support but as I don’t trust them I’m posting it here too @CombatMan @CombatDevIl
The bug is weird since it seems too affect only one toon that I’m using : Magna 5* (edit: tried other 5* and it did the same thing, Eze RDS, Heath)
When she gets it by a AP reduction mod that proc, she’s not able to gain AP when attacking for the rest of the raid. I checked several tile and there is no pa réduction on weapon of the toons she hits, nor elusive or impair when it happens.
She’s still getting AP when defending though but this must be patched soon.

Can you please capture this on video? I will be sure to get it reported and passed along as fast as possible. Are you sure it’s not elusive causing the AP not to go up?

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Yes I’m sure. It happenned several times now and I checked for multiple turns of actions. There was no impair, elusive nor de anything like it.
I’ll try to get a video but will have to record most raid and get one when my specific toon gets hit with AP réduction mod xD

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