Ap gains question

So here we are again with another scopely fuckery. Enlighten me how someone who has no AP weapon bonus and or team leader AP bonus, yet they gain ap faster than a person who has HUGE AP bonuses? Talk your way out of this one…

Which toons were on the team?

You made it up…



That only happen in Sr

Specialist skill when u kill them Like that new Louis.ret2

I swear I saw someone say long ago that it was some sort of scale of something like that. It’s some BS, I know.

On defense, enemy gets 1.4x AP gain on attacking and 2x AP gain when taking damage.

In addition to the bonus (which was already mentioned, thanks @Verdeiwsp), AP gain on attack depends on how much damage is taken. Defense always makes AP faster than offense. If you want to send me a combat video, I’d be happy to break down the math and explain exactly how their AP gain is calculated.

Konrad, jesus, Tripp, glenn and Kenny. It’s for the old school arena. Tripp leader which gives no ap bonus, checked weapons no ap bonus and jesus would run a bonus every other turn. Fuckery

I know how that works. No one had that cause all I could kill is one character and then jesus would revive him every other round.

Old school well that explains a bit as many have 45 ap including one of those Blue tough Jesus revives,
He can use revive yes every other round if you’re hitting him with high damage.

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