AP Gain Still Bugged

I know this was mentioned to be fixed earlier but I was testing out the AP gain feature in raids and noticed that multiple AP gains used on a turn doesn’t seem to work as intended as the first character who uses it and if they fill their AP all the way, the second character who uses AP gain will still have it apply to the full AP character.


  1. Yellow Beta uses his active. Maxes his AP.
  2. Command Kelly uses his active on same turn. One goes on the already maxed AP Beta instead of another character having half of Kelly’s AP Gain active be wasted.

I recorded it but it’s not letting me upload a video. Could you guys please look into this?

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I believe its how it works, the bonus applies randomly same with any other bonus, unfortunately that means it can go to waste

It should never go to waste if there’s another toon whose AP is not full. @Merrick send me the video and I’ll get it to the devs. Line if it’s small enough, email if it’s too big for line but less than 25gb (ladygeek.rts@gmail.com), Google drive/Dropbox if it’s more.


I’ve also posted in the reference guide but guess should of reported as bug. But same goes for siddque. One turn he goes off and it goes to the the person closest to popping. But randomly I’ve had only 1 toon not fully rushed and it goes nowhere. Doesn’t even show the ap going anywhere in the visual graphics. This was a bug when Carl’s active first came out seems to be again.

Video would be most helpful. The devs can see precisely what’s happening with video.

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I have screen shots but can’t video my phone has very lil memory left

Should let us choose with a simple tap of the toons who to give the bonus too instead of bullshit rng it always seems to work against me

I’ve sent the clip to your email. Thanks for looking into this.

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That’s what I’m referring to if anyone else is wondering. My Barker’s AR isn’t maxed but the AP gain should’ve still applied to one character. Lol took me a while to find a way to post it

Ap gain should go to the toons with most ap. If 4 of 5 toons are already in full ap mode the ap should go to the 5th toon. That isn’t what is happening. In some cases ap doesn’t even show visual of going anywhere. In my case I tested Andrea she gets ap once she pops. All other toons are maxed and ready. Sid goes off and is to give ap. …it goes no where. Not to Andrea (only toon who isn’t already to rush ) not to anyone. Visual is broken as well as actual ap gain.
This is yet another bug that can cause losses in war matches. Was fixed once before let’s get this bug taken care of. Video or not it’s an easy test and obvious problem

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