AP Drain Mod when defend?

AP Drain mod work when attacking but i don’t know, is it work when defending?

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It does, and it can be a real pain in the butt


I think question is : does ap drain work in defending, like on green weapons. And answer is no, it doesn’t


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This thread is certainly high on the brain capacity scale


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If you click on the icons and read through it gives descriptions of the mods somewhere. The ap drain mod is only on attack. Alot made the mistake of thinking it worked like the green weapon and had it on shields. If using only 1 shield on def its likely it will never attack so basically made it a useless mod


Don’t put ap drain on shield. Use a graze instead

Why not reflect damage on shield? In my mind, it makes sense. However, I still play this game sooooo . . . . . . . . . . .

Reflect and Graze are both good choices for a shield (reflect to pop guardian shields or graze to mitigate).

Ap drain is not. Several factionmates of mine made the same mistake thinking it worked on defending

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And you should understand my answer


When white knighting goes wrong


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Ap drain seems good on my magna…it isn’t though?

The AP drain mod only activates when the toon with it attacks. So on a shield it may never happen.

I think i get it now…if a toon attacks my shield with ap down, and that toon has no ap or low ap…it will not activate?

If your Magna has the AP drain mod, the mod only works when Magna attacks. If she spends the whole match defending she will never attack and the mod will never work.

The info tab on the AP drain mod says “when attacking.” Whatever toon has the AP drain mod must attack for the AP mod to proc. It has nothing to do with a toon attacking your toon with AP drain.


Thank you!!:+1::+1:

Making a comparison and answering the question. …he clearly answered saying no it doesnt drain on defense like a green ap drain weapon. …you that into putting down people uneccasarily? Sometimes a comparison or brief explanation helps people better understand. Unfortunately your not able to see that and only what u add is important to the convo
How much u get paid to be the white knight?

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You are still wrong, the follow up question was offering a comparison of the mods AP drain with how the green weapon works.

This is a bit more clear:
I think question is : does ap drain work WHEN defending, like IT DOES on green weapons? And answer is no, it doesn’t, AP DRAIN MODS ONLY WORK WHEN ATTACKING.

Caps are what I added to the reply , and how I read the reply

Edit, just noticed JLAG said the same thing above.

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