AP changes (15 Chars)

Sure it’s not the bonus from Mansion?

Not saying something isn’t off, but it would explain why toons are rushing quicker than expected.

I’m in the beta. They seek zero feedback. The patch goes live into the game usually in less than a week of it in beta.

I’m pretty sure the entire point of the beta is to see if it completely breaks the game, i.e. crashes, if it seems relatively stable then it goes live bugs and all.


At this point, I believe the only checks they run on beta is that no-one complains here that they are locked out the game. Once everyone is in, they launch regardless of any other gremlins in the woodwork…

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Not relating to AP, but if toon is impaired should its AP increase through another toon’s active ap gain?

Exactly my thoughts on how they treat beta

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So no, they shouldn’t

Do the other stats even add up

Mir Mic Sol Alp Saw
2171 2456 2290 2319 1731
40% 868 982 916 928 692
Weapon 760 573 519
Total 3799 3438 3779 3247 2943
Actual 3642 3196 3640 3017 3150

Mirabelle has 40% lead
Weapons give 35%, 25% & 30% to Mirabelle , Solange & Sawyer

I may be doing something dumb so please point it out if so.
If it cocks this up it could also be cocking up other stats explaining why some toons die so easily.

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The bonus HP you get from mods is added at the end. It does not count as your base that you then multiply all your leader and weapon bonuses to.

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I should say any bonus from mods is added at the end, not directly to the base then multiplied



It’s shown very poorly because if you didn’t know how it works, then you would be left thinking exactly how you did

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May I ask what mod you have on Sawyer? I’m trying to figure out why that number is off

I have only just levelled him and only today got lucky with a stun on his weapon so decided to give him a bash against a supposedly weaker target.

Didn’t want to waste scraps so just thought I would have a go before I decided whether to take my best mods off someone else or just put some slightly worse ones on.

Thought so… Regina is still giving AP to impaired toons. Will try to record it.

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People do realise it’s not just war it’s happening in raids to


I don’t know why they do beta testing, frankly. They always push stuff out without properly taking feedback

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Weapon and lead skills compound. Sawyer is 1731 * 1.4 * 1.3 = 3150

Also a 40% weapon is not * 1.4. Weapon boosts also compound, so a 40% weapon is * 1.3 * 1.05 * 1.05.

Thanks . Never really bothered to work it out, just accepted it was what it was.

Only started looking because Charlie at 3716 HP gets wiped in 4 to 6 hits from primarily defensive, Eric led, mix of trait & non trait hits. My 40% attack led on trait hits score 400 - 700 and my non trait hits score 50 - 200 damage. With Michelle & Charlie plus 3 greens including a 40% attack lead bonus, i would be lucky to kill a Charlie by round 3. Also the 4 damage toons also have 30% - 40% attack weapons.

Explain that and I will send you a fruit & nut chocolate bar

I see no point on giving feedback.
How many videos/ss Scopely has with territory glitches?

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Apples and oranges.

Territory bugs usually have to do with game resets, combat bugs are rarely related to game resets

Combat bugs are usually reproduced very quickly because it’s an isolated event, as opposed to territories where they have to consider not only what’s in the video but also what other players from other teams are doing in the background that’s impossible to capture.

Combat changes often and new bugs are introduced/reintroduced and fixed on a regular basis.

Combat bugs get looked at very quickly, and are often fixed very quickly.

It’s quite common for players to send me a video “proving” combat is bugged when it’s really the player just needs an explanation of how it works.

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