AOW towers? Need info

What are the tower breakdowns for the upcoming AOW?

Seeing how they couldn’t even get the tokens right, probably -30% atk, -30% def and -30% hp


Omfg that is funny. Imagine penalizing people for grabbing the towers… lol

Don’t jinx us!!!

Where’s our War Notes ?
Is it 6v6 or 8v8?
& towers obviously

A tower that instantly makes you lose the war and wipes your game data.

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They just extended the level up this ain’t looking good

They didn’t just extend it, it was always two days.

LU score will be added to your war performance

I too found it interesting to wake up to a long level up. I always heard that they weren’t able to run war and another tourney at the same time.

War has been replaced with 18 hours of Maintenance

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