AOW this weekend

AOW this weekend

Thoughts? Like it? hate it?

Rewards better be great or this aow is gonna be another slow, annoying one.

Guessing maybe 8 pulls from the new wheel… so most peeps will be getting all non ascendable 5*


Please forgive me

Hopefully they keep the 200k milestones. Not sure why they would take it away from AOW. 200k is 200k.


Pretty sure it is crw only, so dumb.

Have fun with that 90% of a non ascendable :grin: cant wait to see people dump insane amounts of money and put in lots of time to pull basically a bennidict, even the ascendables are trash anyways. Keep surviving tho :hugs:

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Yawn. 7 Characters.

Would rather it be yawnslaught, at least there’s a stronger chance to not fight the same faction backc to back to back , if they really wanted to make it suck they’d have it be blitz as well

Friday-Sunday aow just drags, players and factions seem to not care feeling Que after a short while

we dont have this issue in our faction. its always a fight to join the war… no matter if blitz, aow or crw.

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They might have to make AOW a smaller matchup of CRW. Maybe 4 or less regions .


Not an issue in my faction just an issue in regions I have been to and it seems to only be getting worse, last aow was only #1 and #2 warring Saturday and Sunday

Let me guess, some play for the amazing friendships or maybe its the amazing story scopely tells on sundays. No, wait, its the rollbacks, server maintenance, territory crashing, broken promos like morgan, etc that people play for :rofl:

I’ve always hated 6v6… but players are quitting more than ever. Might be necessary to run 6v6. Ohhhh it pains me to write that.

Then refills should be made like anraid fill. 6 energy per can

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Yea… that’s the worst part to stomach. Wasting two hits per battle. At this point however, it might outweigh the wait times. Especially on the “night shift”.


stop crying you had CRW this month so let other people enjoy AoW.

@JB.Scopely we want the better rewards this round bud … make aow great for once and we want the 200 k milestone !